About The Product

About: Ridwart Gel has been formulated to trigger your immune system to fight HPV cells in your skin. It makes it easy for the body’s defence mechanism to recognize Genital Wart in your skin, and gives it the boost necessary to attack diseased cells. Your cauliflowers are dried off and do not return, you get your self confidence back. Results are noticeable in 14-21 days from date of first application and 98% of all Genital Warts treated with Ridwart do not recur

Mode Of Application

Clean the affected area with soap and water(a warm bath is recommended).
Dry the part, but leave some moisture. Apply Generously to the affected area, leave in and lie down for 6-8 hours(It is important to note that Ridwart burns the wart off, so it is best done at night, right before going to bed). Wash it off after 8 hours. DO NOT apply directly inside the vagina, urethra or anus. If the warts are growing in those parts, just apply on the penis shaft, or around the labia majoras. Try to minimize movement as much as you can during this process.
Repeat the procedure after 24hrs and again after 48hrs

Please note:  Some strains of HPV can be lifelong infections. This means that even though the warts are cleared, the virus still remains dormant in the body. Since this is the case, ALWAYS be honest and open about your sexual health history and status with your partner(s).

Common Side Effects include redness, peeling and flakiness, swelling, burning sensation, pain. Do not use if you are pregnant.